Learn about the Team at State of Wisconsin, including our Capital Finance Director, Deputy Capital Finance Director, and Capital Finance Officer.

David Erdman

Capital Finance Director
(608) 267-0374

David Erdman, Capital Finance Director has been a member of the State of Wisconsin Capital Finance Office since 1994 and Director since 2015. During that time, Mr. Erdman has led a team responsible for the preparation, sale, issuance, disclosure, and compliance of nearly 300 State of Wisconsin bond/notes issues in aggregate par amount of nearly $47 billion.  The Capital Finance Office is responsible for all State bond/note issuances over six different credits, development of State-level borrowing credits, the Master Lease Program, the Environmental Improvement Fund, and a venture capital fund of funds.  Prior to working at the State of Wisconsin Capital Finance Office, Mr. Erdman worked for five years assisting Wisconsin municipalities in securing loans from the State of Wisconsin Clean Water Fund. Mr. Erdman is currently Chair of the State Debt Management Network (SDMN) and member of GFOA’s Committee on Governmental Debt Management.  Mr. Erdman has a Public Administration/Political Science Degree from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  Mr. Erdman is also Chair of the Utilities Committee and a volunteer Advanced Emergency Medical Technician for his hometown of Stoughton, Wisconsin.

Aaron Heintz

Deputy Capital Finance Director
(608) 267-1836

Joseph Adomakoh III

Capital Finance Officer
(608) 267-7399

Andrew Behm

Capital Finance Officer
(608) 266-0739

Jessica Fandrich

Capital Finance Officer
(608) 267-2734

Katherine Miller

Capital Finance Officer
(608) 266-2305

Peggy Mravik

Program Specialist